Temple(s) The Temple of the Moon

The reconstruction of the temple of moon, is continuing in Florida.

The temple of the Moon is made where i stand, and can be seen in the sky each night.

The angels of the Moon
How to make angels?
  • Entity is defined classic in origin, by name of angel or spirit.
  • Entity is empowered to business among men, as a corporation "entity."
  • The construction of the company defines a role of the angel, and how they work. It shows the volunteers how to work.
  • Each entity has a series of weapons, courtrooms, swords, a lances, etc.
  • Personality defined by traditional or new age belief. can be argued.
  • Entity serves the temple, the volunteers fill that role.
  • Separation of church and state, as required by state is empowered another way.
  • Entity is empowered to earn for the purpose they serve
  • The methods of action are established for each, and has process to operate in the state to nation where they challenge another corporation among men.
  • vs Goliath, or vs an organization of many people, or few.
  • Personality is indicted by what the public declare of the entity or observe, and the example, the angel Michael, Tulu, Ox, Lion, Owl, or Gabriel are defined already. And that purpose is built into the entity the men work to serve in support of such title. A natural spirit might fight for the ecosystems, like a bird or other entity.
Next year I begin registering the entities to do business in Florida, and will begin constructing purpose, personality, activities and the weapons they use in court or by other process among the problem of environment and life they observe and challenge the problems of, among men or humans. I am required to separate church and state, by allegation of county and their belief, I can insert the belief among the business of men, instead.

The Arch angels
  • An arch angel is of some construction that originates from themselves. Animals, Man, Or other. Their construction is their construction.
  • This project, part of Project Fallen, begins to assemble the angels among men, and permits them to work as reality.

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